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We work with the best which is why our teachers are professionals and specialists within their fields, for whom teaching is work performed with passion. We are a finely-tuned, ambitious team open to new solutions and loyal to each other and our clients. All coaches possess the necessary qualifications and methodological skills which they constantly develop through internal training, self-education and constructive peer feedback. The system of methodological supervision which consists of systematic observations and continuous cooperation with our chief methodologist in creating training programmes and their fulfilment guarantees the effective work of our coaches and the highest quality of teaching.



Hutchinson Institute joined a collection of school accessories for Ukrainian children who start school in 3 weeks` time. Thank you everyone for contribution.




Between 3rd  and 4th March Hutchinson Institute in Szczecin participated in Peryskop Trade Fair 2016.

Trade Fair included topical presentations, workshops and seminars.

Our numerical summary of 2016 Peryskop Trade Fair – Career Creativity Trends:

  1. < 200 people visited our stand
  2. < 100 people took part in our Corporate Jargon Quiz
  3. We distributed 100 training discount vouchers
  4. We received over 60 contact details (e-mails, business cards, etc.) from visitors and exhibitors
  5. We drew 5 rewards for visitors who left contact details
  6. We gave 2 interviews for Radio Szczecin and TVP3 Szczecin
  7. We met lots of interesting people!

Photographs from the event:



On 11th  and 12th  December 2015 Hutchinson Institute sponsored International Wrestling Memorial of Marcin Krupiński. What a fantastic day dedicated to one of the oldest sports in history.